Version 2.0.0

Hey internet, today our newest version 2.0.0 is online over all apple stores.  OSMOPano is simpler, faster and much more stable than ever. You will enjoy the new management console, which is available in the app, so like your web browser.

This little guide will help you creating your first panos:

  1. Download version 2.0.0 (free for all existing users)
  2. Connect your dji osmo/ osmo pro / osmo + over wifi
  3. close the dji go app from your ios device
  4. open osmopano
  5. tap “take pano”
  6. login into your management console -> https://panokeeper/com
  7. click “upload a new pano”
  8. enter a description and upload the files from your sd-card
  9. wait for completion. Now you can see the current processing state
  10. Enjoy

Release notes:

  • Some of the older pano url are not available at this moment, but will be migrated as soon as possible
  • Some buttons in the management console are not available at this moment.
  • I work on a new video so like a guide at this moment

Have fun with osmopano 2.0.0

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