How to record a pano with dji osmo?

Hey. Here is a quick checklist for taking pictures for a pano.

Note: The zenmuse cameras from dji are not in perfect nodal-point, so small rooms or very near objects in front of the osmo are difficult to stitch. Big rooms, street-panos, nature etc are perfect for it.

  • Mount your OSMO
  • Turn it on and connect over wifi
  • Close DJI GO-APP (if it runs in the background)
  • Open OSMOPano
  • Connect to your device
  • Take your settings over the settings-button
  • Press the “start button”

Note: For X5 / X5R Users. At this point OSMOPano does no focusing on objects or sets the aperture of your lense. So do this over DJI-GO-App first. A full X5 tutorial will follow for this soon.

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